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Rent a Private Office
and Grow Your Business

Without a quiet place to work, you lose focus, productivity is low, and your business suffers. When you have a private office at deskquarters, you can get work done, and your business grows.

How Much is Your Current Workplace Costing You?
Without a dedicated workspace, most people have a hard time growing their businesses.
Without a private office, are you...
  • Losing out on deals and clients because they're not taking you seriously?

  • Not thinking clearly with all the home distractions around you?

  • Not seeing profits and income increase because productivity is low?

  • Not as efficient as you would be in your private space?

  • Losing documents because it is hard to organize them at home?

  • Finding it difficult to stay motivated and inspired?

Starting or Running a Business Requires Focus and Undistracted Hustle

Most people working out of their homes or sharing a desk in a crowded coworking space don’t realize how much it’s costing them not to have a quiet place to work. You need your desk where you can get things done quietly and efficiently. No distractions from coworkers, family members, roommates, or pets. A place where nothing comes between you and your work.

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No More Working on Everyone Else's Schedule
Get Work Done Around the


Accelerate Your Business Growth

24/7 access gives you the ability to get work done on your schedule.

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Office Features & Building Amenities

  • 24/7 access

  • Lobby & Elevator

  • A Private Office with a Desk and Chairs

  • Private Locker

  • Central Downtown Jersey City Location

  • 10-minute walk to PATH train

  • In and out of NYC in minutes

  • Your Own Mailing Address

  • A/C and Heating

  • Indoor Lounge with Fireplace & TV

  • WiFi Include

  • Kitchenette

  • Fridge Storage

  • Complimentary Coffee & Water

  • Conference Room

  • Smartphone building entry system

  • 24-hour package acceptance lockers

  • Personal lockers

  • Elevator access

  • Rooftop sky deck with 360° views 

  • Rooftop Gas Grill

  • Green gaming turf

  • Indoor Bike Storage

Private Offices
Choose from 3 Pricing Options Starting at $11 Per Day


Pay Weekly


Pay Monthly


Pay Annually

You Can’t Afford to Work From Home Another Day

We know what it's like to work out of your home. We started our business from the corner of our bedroom in a closet that opened into a desk. Looking back at those days and the struggles of staying focused at home, we've developed Deskquarters. A place for entrepreneurs, executives, managers, start-ups, business owners, and anyone who needs a quiet private office to get things done. Since 1998, our development team has prided itself on developing real estate that improves the quality of life. Deskquarters is just one of the many properties we've developed over the years.

3 Steps Away From Growing Your Business

Step 1

Schedule a tour

Step 2

Book your Office

Step 3

Grow your business

Don’t Spend Another Day Losing Focus Working From Home

Most people don’t realize how much energy, time, and money is wasted when working from home, being distracted by loved ones, or simply getting in the mood to work.  Having your private office in a productive environment gives you the motivation and confidence you need to succeed.   Imagine how much time and money you regain by focusing on your work.  Thinking clearly without distractions allows you to come up with fresh ideas and be most efficient.  Envision getting all your documents and things organized in your clean, secured private office and locker.  Having your office mailing address in Downtown Jersey City, New Jersey, will help boost your image when doing business with others and separate your personal life from your business.  At BLDGUP, we’re proud to deliver deskquarters for those who need to get out of their current work situation.  Not only do you have your private desk to get things done, but picture to have your client wait in the lobby till you’re ready (not your living room).  Have that important meeting in the professional conference room (not your dining room).  Entertaining your client in the guest lounge and take a breather at the rooftop lounge with NYC views (not in a public café).  Refresh with a cup of coffee or bottled water on us at the kitchenette and relish your piece of success.  And know that you’ve made the right investment as it paid for itself many times.

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