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Welcome to BLDG-UP, where we're not just building structures, we're building dreams, communities, and success stories. Our focus extends beyond the mere construction of residential, commercial, and retail properties. At BLDGUP, we pride ourselves on being developers of possibilities, crafting spaces that inspire and transform.

The BLDG-UP Story

Founded in 1998 by our CEO, Ben LoPiccolo, BLDG-UP has deep roots in the heart of Jersey City. Ben's journey began flipping houses in Downtown Jersey City, New Jersey, laying the foundation for what would become the real estate development company we know today. Before venturing into property development, Ben honed his skills in the trades, starting as a painter and working his way through every aspect of the industry. This hands-on experience forms the bedrock of BLDG-UP's resilient commitment to excellence and innovation.  ​ Joining forces with Ben, BLDG-UP's CFO, Kevin Kansagra entered the company narrative in 2016. Kevin's introduction to the company was through an investment in Boniface Lofts, one of Ben's historic development projects. The success of this venture was a testament to the potential that lies at the intersection of vision and expertise. Recognizing the synergy of their backgrounds, Kevin decided to collaborate with Ben, combining Ben's hands-on experience with Kevin's institutional finance expertise. ​ As a partner/client-centric company, BLDG-UP is not just about showcasing what we've done but emphasizing what we can do for you. If you are on your own real estate development journey, looking to maximize the value of your land, or looking to invest, we are here to guide you on your way.    We're committed to more than simply developing buildings ourselves.  We're dedicated to collaboratively working alongside our partners and clients to shape vibrant spaces that resonate with the hopes and visions of communities.

Meet the Team


Project Manager

Ken Cummings

Ken is a multifaceted professional with a diverse background in construction, development, and music. As the project manager at BLDGUP, Ken oversees the successful execution of construction projects with precision and expertise. His extensive experience in flipping houses and managing construction projects in Jersey City and across New Jersey has equipped him with a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of the industry. Before transitioning into development, Ken made a name for himself as a musician and producer, with several best-selling records to his credit.


Project Manager

Rahid Cornejo

A graduate of NJIT with a degree in architecture, Rahid has honed his skills in design, planning, and execution over the course of his career. Currently serving as a project manager at his company, Rahid oversees the successful completion of each project, ensuring that all aspects are delivered to the highest standards.

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Marketing Director

Justin Kral

Justin is a dynamic marketing director with a passion for music and photography. In his role, Justin is responsible for managing website builds, building brand identity, and producing engaging content for social media. With a keen eye for detail and a creative approach, Justin ensures that every aspect of the company's marketing strategy is executed to perfection.


Office Administrator

Nikita Smirnov

Nikita is a dedicated office administrator with a creative flair for photography. In addition to his administrative duties, Nikita is a talented photographer who enjoys capturing moments through his lens. When he's not busy managing office operations, Nikita can be found assisting with the creation of video and photo content for social media, bringing his artistic vision to life.

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