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At BLDG-UP, partnerships are subject to the following terms and conditions:

While the suggestion of a partnership consists of an expression of intent, it does not legally bind either party. Any forward-looking statements BLDG-UP makes, such as “will,” “may,” “expect,” “project,” and any other words of similar effect whatsoever, are the results of the exercise of professional judgments and do not constitute an offer, guarantee, or warranty. Therefore, there is no guarantee that such statements will ever materialize or ever occur; therefore, the parties accept no liability whatsoever as a result of such forward-looking statements. A discussion in writing or verbally may provide the basis for the preparation of a legally enforceable agreement between the parties. However, the parties acknowledge that any discussion, message, or attachments do not address all issues contemplated by a transaction or partnership, and such issues will be the subject of further negotiations. In the event that all parties are unable to agree upon and execute, for any reason whatsoever, a mutually acceptable formal agreement, the parties understand that each party reserves the right to cancel all negotiations and not enter into a formal agreement. In the event an agreement is executed and delivered by both parties, the terms of that said formal agreement shall supersede all prior discussions and negotiations, and such document shall constitute the entire agreement of the parties as concerns the subject thereof.

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